Surely I’m harboring all sort of obstacles.

Me lo stanno dicendo tutti – pure Rob – che avrò una svolta verso l’alto nella mia vita. E io alimento ogni sorta di ostacolo. Tutti nella mia testa.


The odds are higher than usual that you will be offered a boost or promotion in the coming weeks. This
development is especially likely to occur in the job you’re doing or the career plans you’ve been pursuing. It could also be a factor at work in your spiritual life. You may discover a new teacher or teaching that could lift you to the next phase of your inner quest. There’s even a chance that you’ll get an upgrade on both fronts. So it’s probably a good time to check on whether you’re harboring any obstacles to success. If you find that you are, DESTROY THOSE RANCID OLD MENTAL BLOCKS WITH A BOLT OF PSYCHIC LIGHTNING.

L’ultima frase, sopratutto la seconda parte di essa, pare tratta dal vocabolario di Harry Potter. I wish I could destroy half of my mental blocks!

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