Switch It Up (Cambierò)


Humans are creatures of habit, but when it comes to running, those habits can slow you down. LE ABITUDINI DI CORSA TI POSSONO RALLENTARE

“I think the most common mistake L’ERRORE COMUNE anybody makes, no matter what sport you’re into, is we get into a routine, whether it’s going to the same place or going the same pace,” STESSO POSTO, STESSO RITMO says Deena Kastor. “My advice to people when they’re feeling stale or unmotivated is to switch it up.” Hop in the car and drive someplace new, VAI IN UN POSTO NUOVO even if it’s simply another neighborhood, or pick a landmark INDIVIDUA UN TRAGUARDO A QUALCHE CENTINAIO DI METRI a hundred yards away and sprint there before resuming a normal speed. Kastor says running the same ho-hum pace every day not only leads to burnout but can also contribute to overuse injuries, so be playful. “It’s all about keeping refreshed and keeping a healthy spirit, MANTIENI UNO SPIRITO SALUTISTA E SALUTARE whether it’s a change of scenery or a change of pace” (Deena Kastor)

Potete trovare il resto su Road Running Training Tips, National Geographic.


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